Last night (Fri 26th May), Denise and Michael had the honour of attending the Northamptonshire Football Association Community Awards Evening on behalf of Welland Valley FC.
We found out recently, that the Club had been nominated for the Respect Award, and that we were going to be visited by a film crew to interview some members of the Welland team. Darren and Adam stepped up and gave the interviews about the club and what being nominated for the award means to us, thank you to both of them for doing this. This winners video was shown to all on the evening.
This is the first year the NFA had given out this award. The nominations were decided by using the referees score reports, these reports are handed in to the league/ FA after each match. They mark both teams on a number of things including: player and parent behaviour, number of fouls committed in the game etc. These reports were collected from every game of the season, at all age groups. The leagues nominated the Club’s with the highest overall ref scores and passed these names on to the NFA, who then added further scores for good disciplinary and misconduct records.
It gives us great pride to announce that Welland Valley FC were named as the winners of this award and it was a fantastic honour and privilege for us to accept the award on behalf of the Club.
This award is accepted in recognition of each and every one of the players, parents, spectators, managers, assistants and committee members over the season. As you will be aware, Welland Valley FC are proud to support the FA’s RESPECT initiative across all grassroots football games. It is all of you who enforce and adhere to these regulations that make the club what it is. Thank you to you all and hopefully we will be able to go back and collect the award again (and many more) at the end of next season.



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