To kick off the 2018/19 youth football season, The Football Association has announced a renewed focus on the Respect campaign as it enters its ten year anniversary.

Welland Valley FC are proud to support this renewed initiative and expect all of our players, parents, coaches and spectators to commit to and uphold the rules and regulations set out in these policies. This will enable everybody to have a safe and fun footballing experience.

The new “We Only Do Positive” initiative aims to raise the standard of behaviour seen at the touchline, across all levels of youth football, incorporating all players, coaches, parents, officials, and spectators.

Building on the FA RESPECT campaign, the emphasis is on the positive role of spectators, parents and coaches and the detrimental impact that negative behaviour has on young footballers.

Further documentation surrounding RESPECT and the “We only do Positive” initiative can be found on our safeguarding and RESPECT page.

For more information from the FA, please click HERE